Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Edinburgh Tram Project Scaled Down: Completion Date 2025

          The New scaled down version of the controversial Tram Project. "Marvelous"

Edinburgh City Council announced among great fanfare today that the hitherto ill fated Tram Project was well and truly "Back on Track". ( Pun totally intended")
Edinburgh City Council Transport Convener Davy Donaldson made the announcement from his holiday home somewhere in the Caribbean (attempts to find the exact whereabouts have proved difficult).

" This should wipe that smug grin off the face of those naysayers who naysayed things and that about us being able to finish this and stuff. It may well be scaled down to a miniature railway and  run round and round the castle instead of to The Royal Infirmary and the airport and useful places. But the kids will love it and coming in at only several Gazillion Pounds above budget, I think we can all agree it's a marvelous achievement that should make our children and grandchildren proud. Especially when they are to young to understand the issues involved. There will even be a funny wee man in a Casey Jones type outfit handing out the tickets and pointing out places of interest like ...er...The Castle and ..er ..yon kind of thing." He then shouted "Look there's Sean Connery!!" Then ran away when we turned round.

One of the naysayers was one Mrs. Margaret MacTights of Saughton. "This is a fuckin giant bucket of monkey shite." Spat the bespectacled octogenarian . God forgive me and excuse my language but If that cunt Donaldson was here instead of In Antigua spunkin away ma cooncil tax money on paragliding and and snortin' lines of chang off of black hookers's tits. I'd ram this zimmer that far up his colon, he'll think rippin up the tram lines in Princes Street is a cheap and relatively simple operation. Do any of yous know how to download porn onto this computer thing?"

A planned protest against the project was cancelled earlier this week when absolutely no fucker could get near the town for abandoned tram works.

Mags MacTights is 89, recently widowed and "chokin for darkies".

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