Tuesday, 28 February 2012

"No one Wants to Look at Me Anymore" Complains Old Saggy Pair of Tits

                                  Angela Rippon last night
A Previously young attractive and pert pair of tits has been having a right old moan about not being desirable anymore.
" I remember years ago when I was young and jiggly, people wanted to see me on the telly reading the news and that. I was so popular that they fired perfectly competent and adequate middle aged, middle class men in suits just to get me on. Now I'm old and saggy and a bit past it, all they want to do is replace me with a younger better looking pair of tits. It's a scandal and a disgrace!" Whined the wrinkly pair of old funbags that never used to give a fuck about ageism when she was young and jiggly.
"To add Insult to injury they don't even pay me as much as the younger firmer pairs of tits. I get a pittance to present third rate daytime TV property porn, and stair lift, SAGA holiday and pet insurance adverts. I would tell them to ram it up their arses if I wasn't desperate to keep my mug on camera at all costs."
"They say that no one is interested in looking at an old flabby pair of doodahs tucked into support tights. Well I simply don't get it. Because they used to."
Gloria Hunniford is 93.


nursemyra said...

Gloria sounds ready to move into the Gimcrack

The Satire! said...

Let the Enema be prepared.