Friday, 13 September 2013

Hairdresser Sacked for "Lack of Bronzing"

Miss MacGraw outside the Tribunal offices in Bothwell St.  

A Glasgow hairdresser is taking her former employer to a tribunal for Unfair Dismissal claiming she has been "discriminiminated against an' that".

Chavonne MacGraw(19) was dismissed from her position at Celine's Salon, Dennistoun Glasgow in July this year.
According to salon owner/manager Celine McCabe(24), Chavonne was sacked after failing to come up to the standard required for skin tone in the salon.
"We have certain standards in this shoap(sic). It's a' very well being able tae dae folks hair an' that, but in the end if yer skins no orange enough folk'l no respect an trust ye. Chavonne was gave hunners of chances tae get her coupon up tae scratch. She just wisnae tryin. We started a wee lassie fae Bridgeton last Saturday who wis a wee bit peely wally an that. But she's been oan they sunbeds constantly an in jist ane week she's lookin like Tutankhamen. That's dedication fur ye."
Chavonne hit back, "It's no ma fault! It's discriminimination an' that. Av been drinkin' Sunny D like it's gaun oot ae fashion. A spent a fortune oan they sunbeds an fake tan treatments. A jist don't hiv the complexion tae start wi. Whit difference dis it make tae the way a dae ma joab?"
The Satire put Chavonne's surprisingly reasonable seeming question to our madly badly misinformed regular rent-a-quote, Celine customer, and self professed polymath, Maureen MacGlinchie of Parkhead.
"A feel sorry fur the lassie as joabs ur scarce, whit wi hur hivin a record fur shoapliftin an that, bit the rules ur the rules. Don't even think aboot comin near ma Glesga Fair unless ye look like ye personally witnessed the Hiroshima bomb fae a hunner yards away. Ah wid drap this case if a wis hur. As Celine's boyfriend Boaby isnae a man ye want tae trifle wi. There a said it."
Maureen may be referring to Celine's boyfriend Boaby's unorthodox "business" interests and associates.
Boaby "Barlinnie" Lennox from Glasgow's tough Provanmill area, who bought the salon for Celine as a birthday present to "gie his his heid peace."
It's been rumoured he may have had another motive when a recent audit revealed that the tiny salon would have to be processing 712 customers a day to justify the lucrative profits it appears to make.
Miss MacGraw is not without her own connections however, her uncle being a notorious crime lord himself, and there are fears that the situation could escalate into "Tanwars".
The case continues.

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