Thursday, 6 December 2012


Our top correspondent Mingles during his recent mental meltdown  precipitating his subsequent hiatus

The Editorial team at The Satire! find ourselves in the embarrassing position of issuing an unreserved apology. 

In a recent article we reported that Mr. Mingles is 50 years old. This is of course inaccurate and we are profoundly sorry. 
Mr. Mingles is in fact only 49, and we can only extend our deepest and sincerest apology for any offence caused to him, his family, his family's family, his friends, their friends, their friends and family their family's friends, any mutual friends of their friends and families, (That's enough friends and family. Ed) and anyone who may be associated in any way shape or indeed form with any of the aforementioned.
We especially extend a heartfelt apology to his handsome wife/husband Raymond, A flight attendant on Auld Scotia airways, who Charles married in a civil partnership on Grand Canaria earlier this year. We wish them every happiness.
The Satire! pride ourselves on the unerring accuracy and meticulously researched quality of our reportage. Therefor we finally apologise to you our reader for letting you down.

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