Monday, 28 July 2008

Alex Salmond Accidentally Buys £20m Conservatory for Parliament

(Above left: An easily sourced picture of Alex Salmond looking like a smug cunt. Right: A drawing of a conservatory which looks absolutely nothing like the one the daft twat ordered)

Senior Ministers were black-affronted yesterday after Alex Salmond ordered a £20m conservatory extension for the back of the Scottish Parliament - after a double-glazing sales call was mistakenly put straight through to his office.

Aides immediately attempted to play down the incident commenting that Mr Salmond always prides himself on being available to his 'much-loved Scottish public' and was so swept along by the sales technique that he agreed to the £20m extension on the spot.

Sources close to the First Minister were quick to dismiss allegations that this throws doubt on his decision-making abilities and makes him look like a gullible twat.

This comes hot on the heels of last week's revelation that he recently paid a gang of drunk gypsies £200m to tarmac The Royal Mile.


shakespereanmonkey said...

he is a daft twat and a smug cunt

Yours Mrs Salmond

The Satire! said...

I wonder if Mr. Salmond wud be intarested in a load of Macaroon bars and White Soaks av goat for sale. His for only £1300.
al even thro in 200 marlboro lites.

S. Weasel
Argyl St

07786 435 5566

Anonymous said...

All decisions go through me now. so fuck off you widoe bastard

Mrs Salmond