Wednesday, 26 November 2008

HAIKU NEWS!!!! Just In.


 ( Above Left:  Slut )                                                                                (Above Right: Clearly innocent and handsome Man)

Man, Pub, Edinburgh,drunk. 
Sexy girl. Short Skirt. 
Man hand. Girl scream. Fight, police. Statement, "gagging for it".
Report Procurator Fiscal.
Tom Laird who cannot be named for legal reasons is 41.


charliemingles said...

pish tish and flummery sir!

Case Dismissed!

Wel-hung Judge Mr Pickles

Anonymous said...

who's the old tidy beard twat on the right?

Noel Edmonds

Anonymous said...

Mr. Lairds lawyer writes:

Is that the kettle calling the pot a twat Mr. Edmunds?
As intend to demonstrate at Edinburgh Sheriff Court on Monday, the only tidy bearded twat in question was the one my client copped a perfectly understandable feel of.

Whoores M'Lud!

D. Finlay Q.C

PS. It's been pointed out by my client that you haven't released a decent record since 'Girls Talk'.
So who's the twat now?

nursemyra said...

how can i meet tom laird?

Anonymous said...

Never Fear sweet Nursie,

Simply attire yourself in a denim micro skirt, deport ample cleavage and avail yourself of the fine drinking establishments of our fair city.

Our amorous Tom Laird Esq.

will find YOU

As soon as he is released from
HMP Saughton

nursemyra said...

what a shame I don't wear denim :-(

Anonymous said...

Then I fear you are far to high class for our Mr. Laird.
Though a pulse and a purse are his only usual requirements.

Good day to you madam.

PS. Pulse optional